Tips & Tricks

Easy & Quick Tutorials.

Sample Original Key

Sample Original Key

You can quickly assign the Sample Original KEY.

Extract Stle Pad to PAD

Extract PAD

Extract embedded PADs from a Style to a PAD.

Global Sound ReMapping

Global Sound Remapping

Exchange one sound, with another, throughout the whole SET.

Copy Options

Copy Options

Pick & Choose which tracks / Variations to be copied.

Style Play

Style Play

Play & Listen to Styles and Pads.

Import .PCG sounds from KORG Kronos / M3 / Triton

Import KORG .PCG

Import .PCG sounds from older KORG models.

MIDI Import / Export

Midi Import/Export

Import / Export Midi tracks.

Upgrading to v5

v5 Upgrade

How to upgrade from older versions.