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Korg PA Manager PDF Manual

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Although I purchased this software quite some time ago, it's only now that I am actually starting to use it. Could someone please send me a link to the Manual. I cannot find anything except a handful of videos which do not explain anything that I would like to do.
As the software cost well in excess of £100 to purchase I refuse to accept a manual has not been written for it. Unfortunately some of us struggle to learn things without the assistance of one .

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Re: Korg PA Manager PDF Manual

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Hi Chris,

We don't have any User Manuals for KORG PA Manager, simply because it's quite easy and straightforward to use.
Instead we have Video Tutorials, which seem to be more requested by users, then PDF Manuals.

If there's anything specific you need help, please let us know and we'll do our best to guide you.

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