Too many errors [RESOLVED]

Discussion about problems you may have with KORG PA Manager.
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Re: Too many errors [RESOLVED]

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Still waiting....
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Re: Too many errors

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Admin wrote: 14 Dec 2023, 10:36Still waiting....
I preferred not to tire myself for nothing and made the multisamplers in PA5.
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Re: Too many errors [RESOLVED]

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Adrian, fa chat-ul ala cu ei sa vada ce se intampla, nu share-uiesti nimic cu ei... e vorba de a intra pe calculatorul tau ca si guest, nu au cum sa importe nimic de la tine, doar vad ce se intampla in setup-ul tau. Inteleg frustrarea, dar pana nu le dai accept la ce vor ei, n-au cum sa rezolve problema doar din niste cuvinte scrise pe forum. Trebuie sa vada concret ce se intampla!
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