USB Protected Samples - Cannot Transfer to PA5X

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USB Protected Samples - Cannot Transfer to PA5X

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This is the situation. I have had a PA4X for 7-8 years love it... I would like to use many of the sounds and styles on the PA4x on my new PA5X...

I have sounds that I bought a wile back that need a USB key lock to be on the PA4X for the samples to work.. OK.. Now I created a scaled down version of teh sounds and styles in the KPM 3.3v... when I look i the Sample Manager. I notice that some samples are locked. I put my USB key in the computer that has the KPM software, but things do not get unlocked.

Next thing I trued is to save the set with the identified but locked samples, and transfer them to a PA5X format, per the import instructions for the PA5x. What happens is I get an error - forgot the name.... I have tried have the USB key in the PA5X while the import occurred and without.. I still get an import error.

My question is... Can I import files into the PA5x while locked? Or do they have to be unlocked first? How do I do that with the USB key? Or am I just sol ?


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Re: USB Protected Samples - Cannot Transfer to PA5X

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The PA Manager does NOT unlock the samples even if you do have the USB connected to the PC.

The problem is, the PA5X does NOT support & import locked samples.
In other words, there is no way to get 4X locked SETs to work on a PA5X.
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