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Hi, firstly big excuses for my English, im from Bulgaria and before one week i purchased the korg pa manager and really i can say that i am verry statisfied from the product! I want to ask or to purpose something... if for example i change the place of one of the sounds (for example if i change the drum kit from one position to another position) did this change will remap automatically the position of the drum kit in the styles in which it is used?
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Re: Remapping

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If you Double Click on the Sound or the [...] button next to it, this will allow you change ONLY the Current Sound, for E.G that single DK only.

But if you click on the re-Map button, this will change the current sound and also it will scan the rest and replace any occurrence of the current sound.
For example. If in vartion 1 DK, you have KIT1 but also in variation 2 you have KIT1 etc.. etc.. Instead of changing the DK sound for each variation, you can simply remap 1 sound and this will change all sounds where KIT1 is used.