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Posted: 30 Apr 2017, 13:12
by SunnyG
U2MS : Unmanaged to Manage Sounds
Hi, I have PA3x76 and I have a lot of sounds for it but they’re all unmanaged If I get PC manager will it be able to manage all the sounds so I can listen to them one by one and decide which I want to keep and which I want to delete. How will I be able to check the sounds will I press the keyboard key or what?
I have downloaded Korg manager V3 demo version but my antivirus system deleted it from my hard drive a when I pressed the restore button it gave me the following message please see pic. And I pressed NO, why is it giving virus? Please note I want to check the demo version first before buying! PC windows 10pro/64bit.


Re: U2MS

Posted: 01 May 2017, 10:50
by Admin

You would need to Load and listen to any .PCG Sounds on your keyboard.

Also, the Virus alert is a FALSE Alert. You can simply ignore it.

Please check our FAQ Page for more details.