STS and PAD Bulk Copy/Paste

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STS and PAD Bulk Copy/Paste

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It would be great if you add the function that ALL the styles can get same PAD and STS in one process.

Now I'm doing it manually, Copy PAD 1-4, go to next style, Paste PAD 1-4, Copy PAD 1-4, go to next style.... and so on... Then I have to return from start and do this for STS too. I can have 500+ custom styles in my keyboard. This can take very long time one by one.

I know about locking PAD/STS in PA4X Global then it stays the same for all styles... but some styles I need them to have different PAD/STS it is then easy to change PAD/STS manually on keyboard for this few styles if Global is not locked... so I need to have all PAD/STS set and unlocked Global for PAD/STS.

It would be great if KPM can Copy/Paste PAD/STS to ALL styles at the same time. Maybe by Banks or maybe by Pages in the banks. Best for me would be that ALL styles in the keyboard gets replaced by new PAD/STS in the same time. Everything would help really :)

Is there a better way already that does not need me to do one by one that I don't know about?
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Re: STS and PAD Bulk Copy/Paste

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It is quite rare that you would want all the same PAD/STS for all (most) styles to be exactly the same. Never had anyone else request such a feature :)
I think it would be wiser, to LOCK the STS & Pad from the main screen (not global) and then unlock accordingly in real time. No need to go GLOBAL. It's on the main page where you select STS. There is a small lock pad icon.

That would be the fastest and most convenient way.
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