Remap sounds during style import

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Remap sounds during style import

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When copying styles from one set to another, we have 2 options:
1) copy all style elements
- It is not always recognizing properly if some sounds already exist in destination set. I tried to copy sound first, and they try to copy style which has that same sound, but PA manager wanted to make another copy of the same sound. (side question - how the recognition algorithm works in fact, how do you identify if sound or samples already exist in destination set)?
2) Do not copy style elements (or copy selectively)
- When style is copied, the sounds are copied but they point to exactly same memory location, exactly the same situation like if you copy sound in keyboard directly. Resulting style is all messed up and you need to spend lot of time to fix it manually, sound by sound

We should have 3rd option, to select which sounds to copy and which to remap to existing sounds in destination set:
- For example: I do not want to copy Drum kit and Bass from the source style/set but I want to use my drums and bass and I want this to be mapped correctly during the import. You can display popup dialog where the mapping is configured before the copy operation, and that should also work when you select multiple styles to copy (so i remap sounds immediately for all styles I want to import).

I think this is really important feature, as how it is today is not very useful in situation when destination set is almost out of memory, or when we are copying from pa4x sets which are wasting lot of memory to the keyboards with much less memory (pa700 in my case).
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