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01 Aug 2019, 20:08
Forum: News & Updates
Topic: KORG PA Manager v3.3.6801 [released]
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KORG PA Manager v3.3.6801 [released]

Version 3.3.6801 (Build: 01 August 2019) ------------------------------------------------- *PAD Manager - Improved support with locked SETs *Fixed PA4X OS Next to PA700/PA1000 DK Copy/Paste issue *Fixed issue with loading PADs not showing on STYLE Manager *Fixed issue with new Created Multisamples ...
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10 Jul 2019, 11:42
Forum: General
Topic: KORG PA4X OS NeXT v3.1.0
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KORG PA4X OS NeXT v3.1.0

KORG PA4X OS NeXT v3.1.0 Release notes New features: - Keyboard Sets can now be copied to multiple SongBook Entries - Chord Sequence can now drive the Harmony voices - Multiple selection of SongBook Entries - Master Transpose now applied to the Lyrics and Score pages - Sample and MultiSample select...
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02 Jul 2019, 13:41
Forum: Feature Request
Topic: sts copy/paste
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Re: sts copy/paste


You can COPY/Paste STS Groups from your Current SET only and not from another SET.
Those have to be copied one by one individually.
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31 May 2019, 16:09
Forum: News & Updates
Topic: Korg PA Manager V 3.3.6424: se met a jours sans cesse
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Re: Korg PA Manager V 3.3.6424: se met a jours sans cesse

Pitman SO wrote:
31 May 2019, 05:08
I got the same problem. I cannot use my KPM since yesterday too!
Downloading & reInstalling the software should fix any issues.
by Admin
29 May 2019, 22:20
Forum: Bugs & Errors
Topic: converting from pa1000 to pa600
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Re: converting from pa1000 to pa600


You can only convert .PCG USER Sounds.
Styles / Performances / KeyboardSETs / PADs cannot be converted.
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10 May 2019, 11:05
Forum: KORG PA Manager
Topic: Matching problem in new set
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Re: Matching problem in new set

Hi, Problem the fact that you selected PA1000 from the list, but the Performances that you are taking are actually from a lower model. Check under their names it writes the model. So when you save the SET, it saves it in the old 3X format with a PERFORMANCE folder instead of a KEYBOARDSET folder. So...
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06 May 2019, 22:10
Forum: Feature Request
Topic: Copy drum kit key
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Re: Copy drum kit key

Hi, We already have the option to copy key settings, but it's just not as simple as copy/paste on the key itself but rather the whole area. Take look at the image. If we load the same set on both sides, then you can select a key, right click on any of the RED area and copy it's settings. Then right ...
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05 May 2019, 19:32
Forum: Feature Request
Topic: detaylı sound kullanım raporu
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Re: detaylı sound kullanım raporu

keşke :)
Cok talebi olan bir istek degil acikcasi. Fakat belki ilerde bi gun olur. Neden olmasin.
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05 May 2019, 19:31
Forum: KORG PA Manager
Topic: how to simply delete samples
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Re: how to simply delete samples

You can do it from the SOUND Manager or SAMPLE Manager.
Select the SOUND. Note which MultiSamples it's using. Click on the MultiSample tab and find the MultiSample.
Double click to edit the MultiSample. A new window will open. There you have the option to DELETE the MS.
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05 May 2019, 00:48
Forum: Feature Request
Topic: Get Sound Info
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Re: Get Sound Info

Hello & Welcome to the Forum.
We've had a few requests on this feature.
I think it's a good idea too.

We could push forward with this on the next update.