Saving PA1000 User Drumkits [RESOLVED]

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Saving PA1000 User Drumkits [RESOLVED]

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In Sound Manager mode (or even in other modes), if selected keyboard is PA1000, the KPM shows "Drum Kit 01" and "Drum Kit 02" like it should be.
But when I save it in PA1000 mode it saves just one USERDK instead of USERDK01 and USERDK02, and there are only kits from DK2 (reads later like DK1and DK2 is empty). When i select PA4X mode the KPM saves sounds in two user drumkits as they are in PA1000.

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Re: Saving PA1000 User Drumkits

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We'll take a look in to this.
For now you can use as 4X mode.

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