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Make Identifying and Removing Unused Sounds Easy

Post by hobypop » 31 May 2018, 01:01

As you know, many Korg keyboards come with small memories. Korg Pa Manager makes it easy to add or copy over styles and sounds into a set, but it's not good yet with hadeling removing styles and sounds.

What I would love to see happening when deleting a style/sts/sound, is that PA Manager checks the used resources of this style/sts/sound and see if it's used in any other style/sts/sound. If not, then to notify my and ask me if I want to delete these resources as they're not used by any style/sts/sound.

Or at least, to add a report generation feature to return a list of unused resources in the keyboard. i.e. Sounds not assigned to any STSs, or unused Drum Kits, or PCMs not used in any sounds. This way I can make a decision if I want to keep them, assign them, or simply go and delete them manually.

This feature would make PA manager complete. I really think you should consider it!


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Re: Make Identifying and Removing Unused Sounds Easy

Post by Admin » 03 Jun 2018, 00:09


Such thing may happen in future versions, but for now this is too involved.
For example, let's say you Deleted a Style/Sound and it check if all Styles are using this sound or not. Perhaps on other style is, but what if a Performance or a Pad is using this sound? Maybe a solution will be available in the future, but the easiest option for now, is to simply make a NEW SET and Add all the Styles that you need.
That way only what's needed is taken and all unused is left.

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Re: Make Identifying and Removing Unused Sounds Easy

Post by Musicville » 16 Feb 2020, 20:10

Yes, identifying (and deleting) unused multisamples would be very handy!!! Creating a NEW SET and copying styles is pretty much a workaround...

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