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Synth Pads

Postby midimusa » 30 Jan 2016, 20:32


After spending many days and nights for testing and analyzing - is it possible to do that using computer and PA600 - So finally there is my first result: ... edirects=0.
They are looped sounds (not Oneshoots like SFX and Drums). For that I used Awave, PA Manager and PA600.
Test it!

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Re: Synth Pads

Postby dieterkeys » 30 Aug 2016, 15:10

hallo from Austria!
i am an absolute beginner in sampling. my band ask me if i can play self created samples during live performance (ship-horns, birds-cry, ...) like a DK.
i have a HAVIAN 30 which is near to PA300 and with the new OS update i can load .SET files, so i buy the KORGPAmanager and i try very hard to
setup one wav into sample, multisample and SOUND to load it from RAM.
but there is NOT ONE success (noice) for me (although i looks very perfect -samples are loaded into RAM i can select them in SoundEDTOR, and so on...)
-is there the need of a PA600, od PA1X or so as a "KORG sampling engine"?
how do you produce such a .SET in detail
best regards, dieter

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Re: Synth Pads

Postby midimusa » 12 Sep 2016, 23:01

Hello Dieter!

Making Drumkits is more simple than making sounds. Look at the Tutorials: viewtopic.php?f=4&t=525 .
For DK you need only a "Korg PA Manager" where You can in "Sample Manager" add samples (.Wav) and save them later compatible for Korg (PCM). Before that i recommend use any audio editor for .Wav file, where You should remove any empty spaces from the end of sample (and sometimes from beginning too) - this makes your sample smaller in filesize (i recommend to use 44.1kHz (or 48kHz) in sample rate and 16dB for bitrate).
Later use "Sound Manager" to rate what sample belongs to what key and save. I think that basicly is thats all for DK sounds if You get trouble, just ask.

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Synth Pads

Postby Kaputinfog » 17 Sep 2018, 12:29

Definitely. I dont like the factory sounds much. But hey, its an easy to understand synth with an great software editor and you can easily create better sounds

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