Track Volumes

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Track Volumes

Postby Ghoulmen » 28 Jan 2018, 04:17

Good evening.

I'm a Korg user and use your software only since v2. I've already upgraded for the New version.

I would like to sugest one thing that i know would be a great feature for those have their SET already done and import New styles for their SET.

When I import styles from others Sets its normal that the new style is not at the same volume of mine. Sometimes they are higher or lower than mines. They are all balanced with each other. I just want to increase or decrease all track at the same time.

It is possible to upgrade a function to select all tracks from one style and Increase or decrease all ranges proportionately? With these we can adjust the volume of all tracks from a style To level with the volume of our.

Thank you all.

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Re: Track Volumes

Postby Admin » 28 Jan 2018, 12:09


An overall balance is not only dependant on Style Volume.
Remember that every Sample has it's own Gain. Every sound OSC Layer has it's own volume. Then comes the Style tracks volume and finally the Global Max Audio Equaliser.
So it's all very individual to each other.
On the other side, we don't have the ability to listen/preview to Style Tracks on the software, that's why it is only normal to make your Balance on the actual keyboard whilst you can monitor the actual sound levels.

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Re: Track Volumes

Postby Ghoulmen » 28 Jan 2018, 17:02

Yes. I know. But it would more easier if we can select all tracks. And lower ou higher all tracks volume. On the keyboard we must select each track... If that option were available on your software, i listen on the keyboard, i know i must increase 10 or 15. And increase 10 ou 15 in all tracks.

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Re: Track Volumes

Postby avo » 18 Feb 2018, 01:30

On your keyboard press Shift and drag the Volume slider (anyone) to set all the volume levels as you like.

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